Creative Powerhouse | Why Social Media is important and how can benefit you?
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Why Social Media Is Important And How It Can Benefit Your Business

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01 Feb Why Social Media Is Important And How It Can Benefit Your Business

If you’ve been in the business industry for a long time, chances are you’ve seen the gradual shift of marketing towards more social networking pages throughout the years, but if you’re new to the industry you might be curious what all the fuss is about. In a new technology-driven world, the internet is now one of our closest allies when it comes to connecting our product to the market. One of the most efficient ways to communicate this is through social media marketing on popular pages like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This article will aim to scratch the surface of why social media is so crucial in modern marketing practices, and how it can help you grow your business substantially.


So, how exactly does social media help me?


In today’s world, there are a plethora of directions to steer your marketing campaign, mixed with a dozen practices and creative opportunities, but social media marketing is a wild card. Within the last decade, social media has taken off with billions of users that log on every single day, becoming a marketing specialists best friend to target their audience. There are many ways you can advertise and promote on social media, let us use Facebook for an example. Facebook gives you the option to create and manage your own social media page where you can post content related to your field, hold discussions, cast polls, and even boost your posts and updates to reach more of an audience. Some social media outlets even let you target specific audiences that have “liked” certain pages relating to your pages content.


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Is social media worth my time?


The short answer: absolutely. The number one reason that social media can if utilized correctly, can skyrocket your businesses marketing campaign is due to increased brand awareness. In an article by Peter Roseler of, he mentioned research gathered by Adroit Digital stating that “social media is the second most likely way U.S. Millennials will learn about a new product (26 percent of respondents), just 3 percentage points behind TV advertising” That right there should be enough to show you the importance of this specific marketing behemoth, but there is so much more.


Another important way social media marketing can grow your business is through the distribution of content. Most companies will spend a large amount of time building their brand and their website. Focusing on blogs, updated information, industry news, etc. but when you have all this content, where are you going to funnel it into? That’s where social media comes in. Social media gives a near perfect outlet for businesses to share all of their content updates directly with everyone that likes the page, customer or not.


How can I use social media efficiently?


Sadly, social media needs a lot more work than it appears to need. There are multiple steps to becoming a pro at social media marketing, and nothing trumps the other steps more than consistency does. Think about it, if you post an update every three months, people, even your members, really aren’t going to know who you are and will soon forget about you. It is so important to be posting updates and/or holding discussions, interviews, etc. on your social media websites so that you stay relevant and in peoples minds. This consistency will also build legitimacy in your company.


It is also imperative to not leave one stone unturned. Do not limit yourself to one social media page. In an article by Timothy Sykes wrote for, he speaks about using all social media resources, stating that “You may have a social network that you prefer over others, but it doesn’t mean that all of your followers feel that way.” You may feel super comfortable using Facebook, but what about all the clients your missing out on because they don’t use Facebook? Being cross platformed is a must. Although, if your Facebook page takes off, then it would make sense to give it more attention than your Instagram account that has only a quarter of the followers.

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What can social media do for me?


Social Media can be that step your company takes that pushes them over the tipping point in the best way imaginable, but its all about what you put in to it. There are a series of info graphs in an article on depicting certain statistics of social media. One of the statistics states that “47% of customers are likely to purchase from a brand they follow or like.” and it also shows that the majority of fortune 500 companies utilize either twitter or Facebook, or both. So if almost half of your potential customers are likely to buy your product if they saw it on social media, then social media can dramatically influence your sales if utilized correctly.


By expanding your outreach as mentioned earlier in the article, you’ll be targeting more prospects that could look at your product on Facebook one day and decide to buy it. There’s one client that you got just by simply keeping an updated page. Also as mentioned, distributing content can make your audience more informed about who you are, increasing the chances that once they have the need for a product like yours, your product will be the one they remember because you reached out and gave them more content. You always want to make the customer feel cared for and helped, never do you want to come off as trying to sell something all the time. It is crucial to be conversational and just plain kind when dealing with prospects, but thats another article that could write itself.


It seems that nowadays, a change in technology is a change in everything, and marketing is no exception. Social media is an expansive new outlook on inbound marketing and if approached professionally and dealt with consistently, can help reach out to clients that may never have even herd about your product until they hopped on Twitter.

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