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What advertising agency is the best for you

19 Apr What advertising agency is the best for you

When people is interested in start or grow their business, one of the main things they must consider is advertising. This because advertising is the way you can get more people to know and engage with your brand using different types of channels. Traditional advertising uses tv, radio and print as the channel to deliver their message, but since technology is always giving us new ways of doing things, now we also have online advertising.


Regardless of the type of advertising you think you need, there are a lot of different alternatives of advertising agencies as well. Big ones, small ones, full services, digital, boutiques, you name them.


So, how can we know what is the right agency for our business? There are some key points to pay attention that would lead you right to your answer:


1. Does the agency you have on mind offers you free consultation?

Sometimes the clients don’t know exactly what they want or what they need, and a consultation with an advertising professional can be really helpful to know where direction they must go, even if is not thru advertising. So that’s why this is really important.


2. Are they available for you?

This is a thing you must pay attention at the very beginning, because is a huge indicator of how the process is going to go. If an agency doesn’t have time for you at the beginning when they are supposed to make you feel welcome, what can you expect later?



3. Do they have experience?

Every advertising agency have a portfolio to show. Here they include their most important works for other businesses, so you can know what they have done and what companies have hire them before you. This can give you an idea of their style, so you can also see if it’s compatible with your business needs.


4. Do they have experience working with business like you?

It might happen that you found this agency with a good portfolio that is specialized in law firms and lawyers, and your business is a restaurant. These doesn’t mean they can do a good job, but if you want to be sure you might like to see previous works that are related to your business category.


5. Do they know your clients?

It is really important that you hire an agency that can speak to all of your potential audience, and with that we are not talking only about language, but cultural understanding. People from different places have cultural differences and the agency you hire must be aware of those when driving a message on your name because it can be really harmful for your brand if they do something wrong.



6. Do they care about your needs?

It is important that you feel that the agency listen to what you have to say and that they do their best to please your needs and clarify your doubts. Obviously, it is important that you hear them as well, after all, you are looking for their experience and knowledge to guide you, but there must be a happy medium when they consider your ideas and preferences and you let them show you what is best for you and your brand.

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