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Why Do I Need A Website?

26 Jan Why Do I Need A Website?

Creating a successful business starts with showing the world, or in this case the internet, your product, whether it be an actual item or a service, and why that product has a competitive advantage over your competition. To take that first crucial step, the designing and implementation of a well rounded website is a must. Although anyone can make a website, it is imperative to ensure that your specific website is communicating your companies vision in a light that will differentiate your business. This article will attempt to give the average small business owner and start up company an idea of not only why a successful website is important, but what steps you can take to achieve the perfect result.


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Why Websites are Step One:


When someone has an issue, or in the ideal case they want to learn more about your company, nine times out of ten the first resource they are going to use is the internet, and if you have no website then you have a good chance of not being the prospects first choice. A versatile website helps you stand out, and in a technology driven world, first impressions are everything. Forbes contributor Nicole Leinbach-Reyhle quickly summarizes the importance of a first impression in her article, stating “Let’s face it – we live in a world where people before they shop, visit online review sites like Yelp before they buy and “check-in” via Facebook as they go about their days.” So by having a website that showcases to prospects exactly who and what you are will not only bring more traffic toward your business, but will introduce you to more clients that are looking for exactly what you’re selling.


Another primary reason website development should be at the top of your small business’s to-do list is because chances are that your competition is already a step ahead of you, or at least this is what you should go into this field expecting. Unless you are introducing a brand new product that no one has ever experienced before, theres a fair bet there may be a similar product already out on the market, herein lies the significance of getting a website as soon as possible. The faster you can begin getting your name out there, begin developing content, and expanding your network through your website, then the quicker you can start developing a competitive advantage against similar businesses/products


A disadvantage of only having a specific physical location for potential customers to refer to is that once its time to close up the office for the day, there will be no more leads or prospects until you open up your business the next day. An informative article by Hardeep Grover details the effectiveness of having 24 hour communication of your product for customers, that way you never stop indirectly advertising your company and services. Having a website also expands your outreach, so that instead of being limited to one geographical location, you’re marketing is on a global scale and can reach an exponential amount of customers



What exactly should I put on my website?



Some businesses refrain from creating a website simply because they are unsure of what content to put on it. A website is so much more than just a place where people can learn about your product. It can link your audience to your social media pages, give company back story and vision, list ways to contact stores, and also a place to include blogs so that people can understand how to go about fixing the problem that led them to your site. The possibilities can be endless, what is detrimental is taking that first step and begin developing that website, and using resources such as an experienced marketing team to help carry out your websites goals.




Where do I start?


As previously mentioned, anyone can create a website, but the less knowledge you have going into the process, the more your website will suffer, and the more your website suffers, the more likely prospects will just glance at it and continue their search. Many successful companies in recent years have reached out to marketing agencies to develop and teach them how to run their website. Here at Creative Powerhouse, website design and development is at the forefront of our expertise, and offer free consultations so that there will be no stone unturned in the growth of your website.


Though some small businesses may just be looking for something smaller than a website and are not ready to commit to a full fledged site, which is why the team behind Creative Powerhouse has birthed a company called Serchii. Serchii lets you store all of your company’s product information on one domain under the Serchii name and is very cost efficient for those with small budgets. In the coming weeks there will be an entire blog dedicated to all the amazing small business resources Serchii offers.


Starting a new business can be as exiting as it is frightening, but knowing where to start can bring about a lot of relief. Do your business a huge favor and begin your internet exposure with a sound and creative website today!


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