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Supreme International Commercial

15 Jul Supreme International Commercial

Award Winning Creative Company Taking Orlando By Storm
Presented, promised and immediately delivered. Creative Powerhouse, an advertising and marketing boutique, demonstrates time after time that it has what it takes to stand out of the crowd and create a memorable commercial in the Greater Orlando Metro area market while being cost effective. This Cannes’ Award winning creative digital boutique knows how to impress its clients delivering creative ideas that impacts while entertains; a strategy very well utilized by the biggest international agencies which produce the famous and so much expected commercials aired on the main stream national media. The final goal is to create a piece interesting enough that step out of the TV set and become viral on the internet. And by doing so, reaching a broader audience for a longer period of time, maximizing the client’s advertising budget.
This is the case of a recently produced TV spot for their client Supreme International USA, an Orlando based kitchen, bath and granite company. One year after taking them by the hand redesigning their logo, taking a different approach on doing print advertisement and filming video content for their website, the company grew and was finally ready for TV. José Portals, experienced director, media guru and head of Creative Powerhouse, took charge branding the company’s image and produced a commercial with an unexpected ending to create brand magic.
Every step of the creative process is important to reach the desired effect, even the casting process where Creative Powerhouse took care of every detail. That is why they chose the renowned modeling agency Passarela by Cindy, and Beverly M. Rodríguez -presently Miss World USA and an experienced model-, whom was selected as the main talent. This winning combination helped to showcase the beauty and quality of a very well design bath and kitchen -in a very European concept-, which helped to develop the ad’s story that was based on an unexpected dream with a funny but classy twist context.
Established in 2004, Creative Powerhouse benefits from a great reputation in the ad industry in, but not limited to, Florida and Puerto Rico. Founder José Portals foresaw the need to create a full creative services “Powerhouse” to integrated advertising efforts and projects convergence, all under the same roof. The result was Creative Powerhouse, Inc, a business that could fulfill its clients’ advertising and marketing needs – from conceptual development to production and post production and electronic media placement.
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