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Creative Powerhouse Print Ad

About This Project

This is an example of our Print Ad campaign. Every logo has a link to the website in addition to running the videos, music and sounds.


AR stands for augmented reality which is revolutionary technology that can be customized for any industry. For example, advertising, education, industrial and medical applications. Fundamentally, consist of multi-media information including: videos, games, links to websites, online stores, and social media. In addition, 3D conceptualized objects are created and implemented with sounds and visual affects to portray a product or service on your mobile and wearable devices. Ultimately, the goal is to create an interactive animated platform to showcase your company, products or services.


With the new and advanced AR technology, it can provide interactive animated affects at the convenience of your device. A 3D object, videos, pictures and sounds can be implemented to provide a more customized platform. Take this technology and amaze your customers with the interactive animations.


For example, a Japanese restaurant can have 3D sushi displaying on the screen to display the meals.

Augmented Reality