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First Steps To A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

08 Feb First Steps To A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

In a world where marketing seems to be dominated by social media, videos, blogs, and websites, a lot of other useful services can be overlooked. Email marketing is one of the most ignored. The phrase “email marketing” also carries with it the notion of spam and that makes even your client base hard to reach sometimes. It’s something that we all have access too, and if utilized properly and proportionally can increase your client retention rate and attract more prospects. This article will provide an overview of what all goes into email marketing and how you can begin using it to build your brand today.


Step One:


To begin your email marketing campaign, step one should always be selecting an appropriate email marketing provider. That is not to say you “have” to have one, but it makes everything much easier and will save you a lot of time to focus on more critical projects. Here at Creative Powerhouse, we offer email marketing to our clients through a provider called “Mail Chimp” and throughout the years have had a lot of success with it. There are an assortment of other amazing providers like AWeber, Pinpointe, and VerticalResponse. Like previously stated, this is to be your step one.


Having Objective:


Sadly, you cannot just give your provider a list of emails and say “have at it!” There is a lot more that goes into play, starting with the content. It’s imperative to deliver content that has on objective. In a Forbes article written by John Rampton, he writes about the importance of objective and how “there’s usually a disconnect between the subject line and the content of the email. People open an email but don’t find the content they expect, so they immediately click off or delete.” There’s always talk of spam, but you need to make sure that’s not what you’re delivering. The content of the email should be completely relevant to the subject line just like the title of an articles gives a brief taste of whats to come.


Content With Purpose:


Your content also needs to have a relevant purpose. Prospects/clients are not going to read an email about industry news and will not read about all the wonderful services you provide if you’re not targeting the right audience. They are going to actively read what you send them if it applies to their situation. For example, if you own a spa company, then your emails should be about how helpful and rejuvenating your spa appointments can be and how affordable and industry leading you are, etc. Never come off as a sales person. Always aim to provide an answer to a clients problem and be sure to know your audience before embarking on an email marketing campaign. Also, be sure that you’re tapping into an audience that are most willing to consume what you’re providing.



Incentive To Sign Up:


What about getting others to sign up to receive your emails? Not everyone is going to rush to your website to sign up to receive your emails, which is why it is incredibly important to provide some sort of incentive. Kimanzi Constable of delves into the importance of incentive stating “It’s worth your time to create a free gift that makes signing up for your email list a no brainer. When someone gets good value from your free content, they are more likely to buy your premium content.” Setting aside some time to develop a free gift to your prospects can capitalize on the amount of people that sign up for your emails. Stray away from just giving them some useless ebook that you put together in 10 minutes. Craft them something that will provide them with important knowledge and/or directly help their business.


A Constructive Subject Line:


Going back to the significance of a creative subject line, people will not click on your email if it looks like spam, so be sure to not use spammy words. For an insightful list of spam words, check out this Hubspot article. Secondly, make use of a clear and constructive subject line that describes the benefit you’re able to provide them. Combine that with a call to action in your email that takes them to a landing page where they can learn more about what you’re offering them and if it’s the right fit.


By following these first steps, your email marketing campaign will be on track to being a huge success and will provide your company with more happy and informed customers as well as curious prospects.


Want to get started today? Give us a call or write us a message in the “Contact Us” tab of our website!

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