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About Us


At Creative Powerhouse, you’ll find a group of specialized and highly trained creative professionals who strive to deliver excellent quality in every project they embark.

Begin with a strong creative driven organization specialized in advertising, add the highest level, detail oriented advertising production along with the most effective targeted social and mobile media, gently mix in a comfortable, inspiring atmosphere and customized creative mind (stir in a healthy dose of humor) and voilá… you have Creative Powerhouse, Inc.


Creative Powerhouse showcases the best in cross-cultural advertising industry, including tailor-crafted creative video ad and award-winning advertising that has been recognized worldwide. Creative Powerhouse success today is due to our commitment to clients and agency partners.


Creative Powerhouse has produced commercial campaigns for highly respected national and international clients. Our work has been a recipient of awards in prestigious festivals such as Cannes, New York Film Fest, Cuspide, among others.
Creative’s philosophy lies in ensuring every single detail of the creative process is well accomplished and seamlessly executed; from conception to delivery, the final product should always be impeccable.


Creative Powerhouse offers a range of creative strategies as well as interactive tools and services to help companies engage with their customers. We aim to help your business make a big impact, market your business effectively and get the most out of your investment.


The key to creating great brands, products and experiences comes through understanding of the client and user needs, among other things. Our approach combines the latest technologies with technical know-how and strategic understanding. The crucial stages of concept development, research and planning are at the heart of any successful project. We take great care in ensuring all the necessary steps are taken to produce stellar results every time.


Problem solving isn’t always about sitting in a board room talking about the way things should be done. We have a strong background on the production side of things which allows us to think on our feet and act upon it. Our unique skills & experience allow us to come up with creative solutions that form perfect harmonies between form and function while maintaining the highest levels of aesthetic standard.


Combining our years of traditional advertising experience with our production and digital expertise and proprietary media tools allows us to accurately interpret our clients’ objectives, and develop an informed strategy that will maximize the value of their business presence in markets such as General and Hispanic markets.

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