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Hispanic Business Initiative Fund celebrates 25th anniversary with captivating film

Recently, the Hispanic Business Initiative Fund reached an important milestone when they celebrated 25 years as the leading non-profit organization dedicated to the development of Hispanic businesses. To commemorate the occasion, HBIF partnered with Creative Powerhouse to create a retrospective video telling the story of their twenty five year journey.

The HBIF wanted their story told in the actual words of their various founders through the use of taped interviews. Creative Powerhouse took this idea and expanded upon it, utilizing their award winning team to organize the narrative and create compelling voice over narration to frame and propel the story. 

The HBIF premiered their 25th anniversary video at their annual Success Stories Luncheon. The luncheon was attended by many prominent figures in and around Central Florida including former mayors and elected officials. The entire Creative Powerhouse team was also on hand to witness the results of their hard work be received by the attendees. The video was met with tremendous applause and quickly became a highlight of the evening as guests were heard commenting on the high quality and wonderful content of the film. The stakes were high with so many important people in attendance at the event and Creative Powerhouse delivered spectacularly. With both HBIF stakeholders and Creative Powerhouse staff thrilled with the finished product, the two companies are looking forward to a long future collaborating and creating together.

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